We Face the World

We face the world joyfully and we face the world fearfully.

We are as visitors for the first time—curious, apprehensive, hopeful.

We are as ancient fixtures, walking a familiar path but still wondering if we belong.

We long to be heard. We yearn to be known.

Or maybe we are just looking for peace and stillness.

May we be open to each other. May we share our true selves.

When we see or hear what we don’t recognize, may we turn to wonder instead of accusation.

May we reach out instead of shrinking away.

May our spirits be generous with welcome, with hospitality, with a willingness to understand—instead of fear—that which is different from us.


September 2017


(c) 2018 Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso |
please only repost or reprint in entirety and with credit given

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