About Invocations

I had the privilege of serving as a member of the worship team at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia for three years. One of my favorite elements of being a worship associate was the opportunity to compose words to open the service–an invitation for people to bring their whole selves to the shared communal experience. An invocation.

Because I am moving into a different leadership role at church this fall, I will no longer be helping to lead worship on Sunday mornings. I realized, however, that I would enjoy and benefit from the spiritual discipline of writing invocations every week anyway. I will share them here.

I’ve already posted here words I wrote and shared at UUCA worship services throughout the past three years. My intention is to post something new every week or two. I would love to hear from you about what these invocations invite in your life.

Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso
September 6, 2018