I’m not religious, but sometimes I pray

“I’m not religious,”
she told me
“but sometimes I pray.”

“I just tell myself,
you got this
you can do it,”
said another girl.

“I hold onto this gift
I was given during
the darkest time in my life
and it reminds me that
we got out of there,”
explained the third friend.

“If you’ve got any prayers
to spare, we could use them,” he entreated.
“Always,” I replied.

So many ways there are
To send love into the universe
To make known our intentions
To channel our energy and strength
To surround our souls with solace
To seek wisdom from within and without

To pray is to manifest love
or longing


To release our hearts into the wild

Let us come together today
even as we remain apart
dispatching our prayers
to find each other

Call to Worship
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
August 16, 2020

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