Just As You Are

If you are broken, shattered, utterly depleted 
come in just as you are and be with us
lay down the shards of spirit you are carrying
let us hold them for you

If you are purposeful and strong
filled with resolve
come in just as you are and be with us
share your strength so
we may be lifted

If the glue is still drying 
from where you put yourself back together 
as best you could 
and you’re tentative
but tinged with optimism
come in just as you are and be with us

We can hardly even 
see the cracks 
and even when we can
we don’t mind

We have them too

Let the light wash over us
illuminating the hopes 
we let fall away 
during dark winter nights

Together let us pick them up 
and start again

February 2019 (revised from August 19 version)

One thought on “Just As You Are

  1. Made me cry. Shared With my friend Elly, who said OK she’s the real thing. Yeah I said, she definitely is.

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