May We Not Shut Up

May we always know someone who will hear us and believe us

Whether we tell our story in a whisper or a sob or a scream or written in tiny letters on a scrap of paper or posted on the internet for the world to see

Whether we sacrifice our privacy and lay bare our hearts for the sake of all women

Whether we are mocked or dismissed or told to shut up

May we not shut up. Ever.


May we come to understand and never again question that this was NOT OUR FAULT.


We never asked to be overpowered or intimidated by a body or bodies or body parts or words or threats or lies.

We never asked to be taken advantage of when we were far too young to be able to defend ourselves, when we trusted older people, when that trust was snapped in two.

May we be strong. May we be brave. May we respect and lift each other up. But may there come a day when such unsurpassed strength and bravery is no longer required, when we are no longer forced to become survivors.

May we now, and whenever we are ready, and for as long as we need to, find the voices to speak and know there are hearts to listen.

September 28, 2018

(c) 2018 Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso |

please only repost or reprint in entirety and with credit given

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