For Día de los muertos

May this flame be a reminder of those who have come before us—

those whose heat and energy changed the world

transforming lives around them in ways that were

as quiet as a single candle illuminating the darkness for one soul and

as fierce as a bright bonfire lighting the night for an entire community

May their flames live on as the divine spark within each of us


We bring hearts inscribed with the words said to us

by parents and grandparents and great-grandparents,

by family not related by blood but family all the same.

We remember their advice,

whether it was good or bad,

the paths we followed our ancestors down,

or chose to ignore in favor of forging our own.

We honor those who came before us for what they taught us

and for inspiring us to learn on our own.

And we think about our own legacies,

and how we want to be known and remembered.

Let us celebrate life and honor death.

Let us open our hearts to the mystery.


October 2016


(c) 2018 Betsy Rosenblatt Rosso |
please only repost or reprint in entirety and with credit given

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